Majorca (Mallorca): Andraitx 39 º N32 '002 º E22'

July 2009

The names of villages in Majorca (Mallorca) seem out of the pen of the creators of Asterix!

After a passage Ibiza Majorca very calm, with winds south-east a bit low (Force 3), our first step is the port city of Andraitx. We are at anchor in the bay that is relatively well protected. As we are independent of a marina (water-electricity) we do not have to invest in the Club Nautico, which welcomes you for a night at 75 €. It is true that there are swimming pool, restaurant, luxury, etc.. The city itself is quite nice. You dock yout dinghy along the seawall in front of many restaurants. Many supermarkets and other shops are perfect for resupply. There are 2 ship chandlers, but none sells fuses 50 and 100 AMP, which we need in reserve for the desalination and the anchor windlass. You can do your laundry at the marina or downtown, but it is 10 € per machine!


Cala Blanca: N32 º 39 '002 º E24'

Cala Camp de Mar: 39 º N32 '002 º E25'

Cala Blanca is a small bay with a small pebble beach. Neither more nor less! No hotels, restaurants, discos ... the only sounds are those of the waves and goats that graze! The great calm.

Just the opposite of Cala de Mar Camp Three large hotels and music galore until midnight with multilingual animators! Not to mention the tourist boats...  If there is no place on the beach to sunbathe without you touch the towel neighbor, it's almost

even for boats at anchor! Especially those whose motor owners or renters who do not seem to be aware that by 5 meters deep, 6 meters of chain are just a bit!


Cala Santa Ponsa: N31 º 39 '002 º E28'

Santa Ponsa has a charming marina but few places for visitors. 95% seats are for motor boats, mostly small sizes. Two restaurants, a ship chandlers, washing machine, a coffee shop and you have done the tour. The bay is very large and offers many places to anchor, with sandy bottom less than 5 meters.  Many shops are located around the beach as well as  restaurants and bars. To find the Camping Gaz bottle, you should walk 40 minutes to find the DIY center! Note that the restaurants are price competitive because competition is enormous. You find a full meal, entry-main course-dessert cafe and wine for less than 8 €!

We spend 3 nights in Santa Ponsa. Must say that the first was a bit tense because the weather predicted for the night force 6 to 7! We had our second anchor (Fortress) ready to be released. But in fact the wind strength did not exceed 4! But prevention is better than ....


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