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MAZAGON:37ºN07'  006ºW49'

May 2009

Mazagon is part of the Marinas of Andalusia, such as Ayamonte and Chipiona. Created by the regional government, this marina , neither the village, are pleasant. As there is a lack of electronic cards for accessing the pontoons and toilets, you need to call channel 9, to get the door open. And to get to the marina office and shops, wifi, etc. you need to walk half a kilometer... Along side the marina there is a large beach, but not well kept. To conclude this is not a marina you will stay for more than a night!


CHIPIONA:36ºN44'  006ºW25'

May 2009

The entrance to the marina is very easy. You just have to  go around the enormous mole, the longest in Europe!

The welcome pontoon is also very long, but no staff!  There are only few visitors berths, the doors to the pontoons do not close by lack of electronic cards, neither the door of the bathrooms (!), no WIFI, but there is a washing machine! The restaurant Antonio, located the marina is quite good (20€ for a beef!).

The village is nothing special and has no charm. But apparently the town hall is doing some works to turn it more friendly. GL'entrée de cette marina est très facile. On longe d'abord un énorme mole, le plus long d'Europe, et puis on vire à tribord. Le ponton de réception est très long mais pas de mariniers en vue. Il y a peu de place visiteurs (?), pas de wifi, la porte des douches hommes ne ferme pas, les portes des pontons sont ouvertes car il n'y a plus de cartes,......bref encore une marina de l'état! Il y a toutefois une machine à laver le linge. Ici encore le village de Chipiona est un peu désert mais la commune est en train d'arranger la plage et ses alentours.

À la marina il y a deux restaurants, mais ouverts seul le midi (en Mai). Celui appelé Casa Antonio est bon mais pas donné (20€ le steak!).


BARBATE: 36ºN11'  005ºW56'

Barbate is the last harbour before crossing the Straight of Gilbraltar, as Tarifa has no marina.  Get there by daytime as there are very, very long fish nets (2NM!) in that zone, up to the entrance of the port.

The marina is well protected but offers little comfort, except showers and one restaurant, which speciality is tuna fish.


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