Spain Atlantic


AYAMONTE:37ºN12'.636  007ºW24'.485

May 2009

In  Ayamonte you hear more Portruguese being spoken than Spanish. The river Guidania separates the two countries, but VAT at 15 % attracts a lot a neighbours. This little town, that faces Vila Real de san Antonio, which also has a marina but with strong tide, is quite charming with its little streets, its fresh market, his restaurants and bars and main square.

You will find two supermarkets and a shop that sells only UK products! You can get WIFI from a shop across the marina, at 6€ a day.


The marina is well protected and the showers are fine. I love the flowers pots on the pontoons! The pricing is reasonable.


EL Rompido:37ºN12'.923  007ºW07'.766

May 2009

When the pilot book says that the entrance in the channel is note simple, believe them! Neither the Imray, neither the Amiralty or navionics charts are correct, because the sand banks are moving all the time. Check the latests indication at the marina site. ( Puerto Marina El Rompido) .

Having sais this the place is a true paradise. Long sandy beaches, nature reserve, nice old fishing village with all type of commerce and since a few years hotels and golf.

The marina is well protected, has very good
showers, free Wifi, a commercial center, good restaurants, bars, etc. Note that the staff respond on channel 71 , but hardly speak inglish. The pricing is normal. You can also anchor behind the marina.


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