Greece: Saronic Gulf & Eastern Peloponnese


Koiladhia  37ºN25'  023ºE06'

August 2010

Koiladhia is located in a large bay, not very noticeable from the outside as ts entry is hidden by an island of the same name. This island is a private property, and has his own port, where 6 boats are moored, including a large motor yacht and a mini ferry for car transport!

Be careful at the entrance of the bay as the wind tends to become more strong. The small port is basically crowded with local fishing boats and local motor boats, but it is sometimes possible to moor to get some water. There are also laid moorings in the bay, where some yachts winter ( A french man called Didier is to be contacted). There is also a yard, where the yacht can be taken out of the water. The prices are reported to be still competitive. You can also anchor in the well protected bay, in sand and weed, good holding. The village seems to be rather poor and offers no charm. The shops are rare and are not driven by quality!


Ormos Zoyioryia (Spetsai)  37ºN17'  023ºE06'

August  2010

This large bay is located N. of the island of Spetsai. The water is very clear and the nature preserved...till the fleet of motor yachts arrive. You have the ons of the millionaires ( around 20 meters) , and the ones of the billionaires, up to 60 meters.  If you add to this the frequent super speedy water taxis bringing customers to the taverna and the little beach, and  private helicopters bringing the owners, the bay looses its charm. Nevertheless you can anchor in the E zone, that is quieter!


Spetsai (Port)  37ºN34'  022ºE47'

August 2010

Spetsai offers 2 ports. The new one of dapia is basically reserved for large M/Y. The one of Baltiza creek, is more adapted for sailboats. But it is very crowded and confused. Very little places available along side the little mole in further inside the creek, but difficult to maneuver there. On top of this some yachts are at anchor in the middle with a line to shore or even to the chain of a cargo! I suggest to sail further 15 NM to get to Ermioni!


Ermioni  37ºN23'  023ºE15'

Août 2010

Ermioni is peninsula with a little port on both sides. and the village in the middle. The one located North, in the bay is well protected and offers some 30 places for visitors and water (paid and on demand, and gas oil tanker available) . The part of the pontoon that makes a <T> is reserved for the hydrofoils that make the liaison with Athens, Hydra or Poros. There are 2 ship chandlers but with very little stocks. A few tavernas and bar and a grocery shop just on the water front. There is also a supermarket (with Camping Gas) more inside the village.
No WIFI, but an internet shop. You can anchor in the bay with 2/4 meters in mud. Good holding. The NW zone is more protected from the eventual swell. The port in the North has more charm but is less protected. There is there a WIFI café.


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