Sardinia: The archipelago of Maddalena

Isola La Maddalena: 41 º N12 '009 ° E22'

October 2009

The archipelago consists of a dozen islands of which La Maddalena is the largest, also the most populated. Every half hour  a ferry leaves for Palau or comes. There are two small marinas including one located in the oldest part of town.  You will find many shops including a mini market opposite the pier. There are of course the traditional souvenir shops,  and ... many Chinese ones! Along the docks, we arrive at the naval base marina with its buildings without interest. Stick to the old part which is more typical. To visit the islands by boat you must obtain a permit (up to end October), which gives you the opportunity to approach more than 300 meters from the coast and use the buoys in the bay.


Isola La Maddalena, Presa, Spargi and Budelli

November 2009

Another glorious day, 24 degrees and mostly sunny. No wind but the will to make a sea trip, even motor. Today we are making a tour of the archipelago of Maddalena. We did the west coast of Isola Presa and Isola Maddalena and the east coast of Spargi Isola and Isola Santa Maria and Isola Budelli.

On the coast of Isola Maddalena we first met Cala Nido d'Aquila which is a half-hour walk from the town of Maddalena. There are a few docks for small boats, but also a lot of rocks at the water. Not really a recommended place! Going back a bit, we discovered Cala Francese. Here again we must pay attention to rocks. There are few buildings left with half a concrete pontoon. The small beach is beautiful and it is better to go northwest of the bay to drop anchor in 4 to 10 meters deep. Going back a little further north there is Stagni Torto also called Cala Capo Ferrari. It is a pretty bay with some small beaches ... attention again to the stones. There are few houses, two ultra-modern but they fit well. The bottom is sand and grass.

The area north of Isola Santa Maria and Isola Razzoli being prohibited to

navigation, we sailed merely the East Zone. La Cala Santa Maria is very beautiful with a beautiful beach and sandy bottom transparent. There are a few houses. Further down there is the Passo di Morto Secca, a passage shallow (1.5 m) between the islands of Santa Maria, Razzoli and Budelli. There are mooring buoys (€ 50 fine if you throw the anchor!) And it's worth it because the environment is spectacular, with small beaches. Below there is the Pink Beach, whose name comes from the color of the sand of its  small beach. Unfortunately, the bay is prohibited to navigation and swimming.

Returning to Palau we went along the east coast of Isola Spargi, which indeed no great interest because only offers too cliffs.


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