Greece: Cyclades North


Mikonos Marina  ( MIKONOS)  37ºN27'  025ºE19'

October 2010-April 2011

Mykonos is probably the most well known and touristic island of the North Cyclades. After its hippies period, the gays one and the building boom, it still remains a lot of charm even during the economic crisis. Ferries and super cruisers with 3000 passengers still come in every day. The old port is reserved for local fisherman and some motorboats. Sail boats have to go to the new and free harbor, the new Mikonos marina. New but not finished as usual in Greece. Part of the mooring lines are missing and the electricity and water boxes are not connected. Except 4 of them on the ferries quay, but the card costs 30€! With no refund if you have not used the 4500 liters available! Those cards are for sale in the little bar in front of the ferries departures. Close to the marina there is a taverna and a rent a car. Also a bus (every 30’) goes to the city, distant by 2 km. There you will find all the shops you need including a ship chandler. The marina offers good protection to the Meltemi.


Órmos Galissas (Siros)  37ºN25'  024ºE52'

September 2010

Pour In Siros we did a stop over in a very nice bay called Galissas. The Imray indicates that there is a small quay offering several places for S/Y. Attention, this is not correct at all! The depth is only some 50 cm., so be even careful with the engine of your tender. The bay is large enough for several yachts to anchor, in sand with good holding. The bay is well protected from S and N winds, Open to West winds and some W swell turn it very uncomfortable.  The beach is very nice, and the one in the next small bay is a nudist one. The village offers some taverns and shops, but has little charm.


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