France: Corsica East


Corsica:  PortoTaverna   42ºN20'  009ºE32'

March 2010

With more than 400 berths , of which more than 40% for boats longer than 10 meters, this marina is quite large and well kept. There is a media center with internet (no WIFI) at 0.5€ for 30 minutes. You have also to pay for the showers (2 €) and there is a laundry machine available. A diving school, a mini-market, a tobacconist, a newspaper agent and  a ship chandler are also present, but still closed at this time of the year. And the village is 2 km away! The restaurant is open nevertheless. Strange enough there is also a town hall in the marina! We paid 23€ for a night, for our 12.10 m sail boat.

Il y a plus de 400 emplacements, dont plus d’un tiers pour bateaux de plus de 10 mètres. PHOTOS

Corsica:  Port Toga (Bastia)   42ºN42'  009ºE27'

March 2010

In Bastia we had the choice between the “Vieux Port” and Port Toga. The first one is a charming place, surrounded by the old town that is very nice to visit. But as on Sunday when we arrived nobody answered our calls, and that there were strong winds we choose to go to port Toga. This marina has a entrance that is very narrow and that you cannot see very well as it is parallel to the shore. The space between the pontoons is not very large either. In fact as we experienced winds force 7/8 during our stay and we can tell you the marina is well protected and that very little swell is felt with winds coming from East. The marina in itself has no charm at all. Part of the buildings are not completed and it is located in the modern part of town. But just in front of a hypermarket. This one sells Camping Gas, by far cheaper than the ship chandler at the Vieux Port! There are numerous bars and restaurants in the marina and the wifi works well, included in the price, 3/€ per night (12-15 m.). Out os season you have to book the petrol station..


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