France: Corsica East


Corsica:  Porto Vecchio   41ºN35'  009ºE17'

February 2010

When we arrived in Porto Vecchio, nobody answered the indicated VHF channel. So we had to call them. We were surprised to have nobody to help us mooring, specially with Force 7 winds! And we were quite surprised to see 4 employees in the marina office. Note that they do not work on wee ends, so you have not access to the toilets and showers (2.5€ with a timer!). The WIFI is for free, but does not work! All this for 25 € per day. This marina has the blue flag, but no sign of a waste system for the black waters. Those are reserved for the large boats, where each of them has a personal pump!   We did not see either selective  garbage recipients. On the port there are a number of restaurants and shops, all closed in the winter period. There is nevertheless a hypermarket close by (15 minutes walk) and a baker a little further. In the old town, uphill, you will find all types of commerce. A USHIP ship chandler is located on the East side of the marina (30 minutes walk)


Corsica:  Solenzara  41ºN51'  009ºE24'

March 2010

The marina is well protected from NE/E and W winds. Nevertheless try to avoid a berth at the quay located alongside the mole , because with strong waves, water and stones  pass over. We were told that once a car parked there finished in the water. We paid 22.5€ (12-15 m.) in this season, it is the double in the summer. The WIFI is included but not the showers (2.5€). There is an automatic laundry, some cafés and restaurants (close in this period of the year), but you find everything in the village nearby. Note that some berth are with lines others with a boy.  Close by there is a military base and jets are flying over all the time...


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